May 26, 2020

marketing agencies NYC

Article provided by: Precision Brands

marketing agencies NYC

How many marketing agencies in NYC do you think are trustworthy? If you have to say a certain number out of every 10 marketing agencies were less than honorable, what number would you assign? Coming from a NYC marketing agency; the answer is probably 6 or 7 out of 10. There are literally hundreds of so-called marketing agencies in NYC, so that means that most of them are shady in some way or another.

Fortunately, by doing a little research, comparing a few agencies, and making a decision about who to hire with your gut, you can avoid the shadesters altogether. Precision Brands would like to take a brief moment to point out a couple of ways that people get scammed by self-styled marketing agencies.

Don't Get Outsourced

How would you feel if you paid a handsome amount of money to a legitimate marketing agency, only to find out that you've been screwed? Imagine; you do your research and find a seemingly rock-sold marketing agency in NYC with a physical office location. You go their office, sit down with them, ask them questions, they ask you questions, and they put together a sound marketing strategy for you. You leave their office feeling confident that you have found the right partner. They seemed like they really know a lot about advertising, and they've got some good reviews online.

A week or two later, you get some content created for you, but it appears as though it was written by a non-native English-speaking person. But everybody at the office was as American as apple pie? What happened?

Likely, you got outsourced! You paid this marketing agency to do a number of things for you, and they paid someone else in a third-world country a few pennies to create your content for you. Not only is your content subpar, but you feel betrayed. Fortunately, this can be avoided by hiring a company like Precision Brands that does all of its content creation either in-house or through one of our top marketing agency partners.

Don't Get what You Paid for if You Didn't Pay Much

In a vain attempt to get more than what they paid for, many clients often go the route of least expensive only to get burned. If a marketing agency is charging considerably less than what the standard price for that service is everywhere else; there's a reason why! Be skeptical of below average prices, and ask questions.

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Don't Get No-Named

Anybody can purchase a domain name for $12, either build a website themselves or have one built for them, get an 800 number, and call themselves a marketing agency. Unfortunately, you don't know who you're dealing with half the time. It could be anybody that you're paying for marketing services. Saving a few dollars to get marketing services from someone you don't know from a hole in the wall and have no way of holding them accountable sounds pretty dumb. Why not just avoid this by selecting one of the top marketing agencies in NYC to begin with. Hire Precision Brands to expand your brand today.

marketing agencies NYC
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